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Sandra Faustina

Sandra Faustina started Free Movement™ Solutions in 2014. As a dancer herself, she understands the needs and the details of functionalities that has to be encompassed when creating a dance apparel. The thought process, sewing techniques and explanations were mostly self-taught after years of trial and error with lots of crying and heartache to perfect the art of sewing stretch fabrics. Fast forward to today, Sandra is now ready to teach you how to create your own masterpiece in the easiest way possible in her step-by-step in depth courses to sew stretch fabrics successfully.
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Why you are here?

A promise to you!

If you can sew Stretch Fabrics, you can sew ANYTHING!

Stretch fabrics are one of the hardest fabrics to sew. It is slippery, it moves, it does not sit well (even with pins sometimes) and it can be hard to control! By the way, by stretch fabrics we do not refer to cotton fabrics with slight stretch. Here at Free Movement™ Sewing we specialise in fabrics such as Spandex (Lycra), Stretch Mesh, Stretch Velvet, Stretch Lace, Sequins Fabrics, Metallic Holographic Fabric and more. These speciality fabrics are not your typical fabrics. They are loud, shiny, bombastic, colourful, glittery and just so much fun to work with!

Going on Youtube and looking for "How To Sew Stretch Fabrics" ain't going to cut it. Those videos are great as a surface layer introduction but it does not break down the step-by-step full extent of the techniques and setup needed. Trust us, we have been there. Save yourself the frustration because that can be so dampening to what you truly love and want to create. We tell you EXACTLY what you need with proper set-up and guidance, how to sew SUCCESSFULLY and share INDUSTRY SECRETS that no one else teaches or would love to share.  You will be on the right pathway to success learning from someone who has made all the mistakes. Save your time, energy and money by learning techniques that would take you towards creating your dream apparel! Let us guide you to success, with lots of fun and loud colours! After all, once you master the art of sewing stretch fabrics, you can sew anything!

Start Sewing Today

Now is the time to start a new way of life! Get set up for success from the very start.

Who are our courses for?

Our courses are for those who love Dancewear and Activewear and are serious about learning to master the skill of sewing stretch fabrics for life!

  • Mastery in sewing Leotards, Dance Costumes, Stretch Fabrics, Speciality Fabrics, Rhinestoning, Embellishments, Applique Placements and more

  • Taking your sewing hobby to the next level by creating one-of-a-kind pieces for yourself or for your friends and family

  • Wanting to start a sewing business to earn an income on the side or as a full income sewing at home


  • I have no experience sewing at all, can I start here?

    Most definitely! We have coached so many students who has never sewn before and are now able to create their own masterpieces!

  • I have some sewing experience, will the courses here benefit me?

    If you are here to master the art of sewing stretch fabrics, then YES! We have so much to share that you will allow you to be able to work with stretch fabrics thereafter.

  • Do I need a sewing machine?

    Yes you do! If you already have one, you can use that first. If not, check out our videos on choosing home sewing machines that are ideal for sewing stretch fabrics!

  • Is there a time limit to the courses?

    Absolutely not! Watch and rewatch the courses at your own time and own place on your phone, iPad, tablet and laptop anytime anywhere. Best of all, refer back to the courses anytime you need a refresher.

  • Do you have one to one private sewing classes instead?

    Email us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +65 8754 7731 to enquire on possible dates!

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Overcame my hesitations!

by Tessa Teo

When i first started sewing i thought it would be quite daunting - But the lessons i took with Free Movement helped me overcome my hesitations and showed me that sewing is for everyone! They taught me all the basic skills i needed for a good foundation, and once i became more confident, gave me the support and guidance to master more complicated projects! Would highly recommend for anyone of any skill level!

Know how to work with stretch!

Phaik Mun Ng

I've always loved sewing, but never knew how to work with stretch fabric until now! The Free Movement sewing classes have equipped me to create/mend my own costumes!

Your Dream Apparel Awaits You

Start sewing now and get closer to your dream apparel handmade by you!

Free Movement™ Sewing School

Solving Problems For You, Sewing Solutions That 100% Work!

Just want to say how much it means to us that you are here, today and now! It is always such a blessing to share all that we have and we thank you for being here in this beautiful world! We want you to know that you are talented and gifted already, all we are here to do is to show you the way, to unleash the potential in you! We are so excited to see the creations you will make with your own bare hands and in turn share that with the world too, it is such an amazing and indescribable experience. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you, and we will see you during our online course soon! P.S. Join our Free Movement™ sewing community to get more out of your courses!